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Hi everyone,
Just a week ending wrap up of news and happenings.  I just got off the phone with Lucy Postolov.  As many of you know, Lucy is the acupuncturist who enabled me to take the incredible journey documented in my book The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation.
Lucy wants me to come in and start a new series of acupuncture induced explorations with her so I set up an appointment for this Monday morning.  We’ll see where this next round takes me as the story continues.

Also on Monday I’m scheduled on the Lisa J. Now Show starting at 3 p.m. Eastern/Noon Pacific. Lisa J’s enthusiasm and drive are contagious.  I’ve been privileged to be a guest on her show several times now and each one of our talks have taken our friendship to a new level.  I’m happy to count her among my closest friends and hope all of you will find the time to listen in on her show.  Her broadcasts are live Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 3-6 p.m. ET Wednesday 4-6 p.m. ET over the Internet at CBS Sky Radio as well as in these radio markets:
WOMC HD3 104.3 Detroit
WBMX HD3 104.1 Boston
KJAQ HD3 96.5 Seattle
WZPT HD3 100.7 Pittsburgh
WDSY HD3 107.9 Pittsburgh
To listen to past broadcasts please check out her podcast.

I’ve got a relatively quiet week ahead for the last week of July so some friends and I have decided to ratchet up the workshops a notch and attempt a new level of altered state exploration.  Drum roll please…… We’re going to assemble a psychomanteum on the soundstage at Telefilm and then conduct a special workshop combining the psychomanteum effect with hypnosis to see what kind of levels we can reach into self-awareness.
I built a psychomanteum on the stage several years ago and had great personal results using it so I’m really excited about combining my hypnosis workshop into the atmosphere of the psychomanteum.  I know it will produce some startling results and take everyone into a deeper hypnotic state.

Psychomanteum History

Here’s a great link to explore the background on the psychomanteum so I won’t have to go into great detail here.  At its earliest known references, it was used by the ancient Greek Oracles to gaze into the future as well as the past. Also known as scrying, it’s another method of removing your conscious thoughts and focusing your attention into a medium which will then reflect back images from your sub-conscious or higher self. Dr. Raymond Moody used one extensively during his investigation into the after life.  It’s a simple technique that holds great power in helping you self-release from the conscious mind.  Explore the links and let me know your thoughts on the subject.
Anyone interested in joining the workshop contact me, Randy Rogers, for more details.  Right now we’re looking at trying it out on Saturday July 30th.
That’s it for now but stay tuned…  the weekend is upon us again and more is sure to follow.
Have a great one everyone!

About Randy Rogers

Hypnotherapist and author of "The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation" President of Telefilm, Inc.
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2 Responses to The Latest in News

  1. João Francisco says:

    What has been achieved? The mix between psicomanteum and hiponose work?

    I am very curious to try the psicomanteum. But here in Brazil, I do not know.researchers.


    • Randy Rogers says:

      The psychomanteum has worked well the few times I’ve used it in conjunction with my hypnosis work. I unfortunately moved from the stage a year and a half ago so don’t have the facility to conduct more work with the psychomanteum. It did help a lot in getting people to relax and let go thereby achieve a better regression session. In regression sessions it’s all about letting go so any tool you can use to achieve that it is good to try. You can find out more in various articles on the web and it is not hard to build one. I put some links on my article in my website.
      Hope you find someone near you to try it.
      Take care,

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