My favorite part of living each day is hitting the marks I’ve placed through out the story of my life.  Synchronicity drove me to write my book The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation and it continues to present itself front and center with dynamic fashion at every twist and turn in the continuing story. Yesterday morning was another prime example that I have to relay for everyone in the hope it may help you understand the concept that there is nothing bad happening in your life, just the lessons you’re challenging yourself with.

Oct. 2, 2012 started out like every other morning, get up, shave, shower, have breakfast with Kyle, make his lunch and then drive him to school.  After that it’s up to my office to work on several writing projects in relative peace and quite while our dog Sydney sleeps on the couch behind me. My routine, however, was interrupted mid morning by an e-mail from an attorney in Oregon with news of a final settlement that had been pending for an investment deal gone bad.

As part of my pension plan and Kyle’s savings account for college, I had invested some of the money in various real estate loans through an Oregon company. The collapse of the housing market saw all but two of those investments dissappear.  Today’s email locked in a settlement of fifty cents on the dollar for savings I had spent a lifetime working hard to nestle away. It was something I expected to grow and use in the not to distant future, not dissappear into thin air!

But this was it, take it or take even less with the market continuing to teeter on the edge of collapse. I quickly printed the signature pages and headed out of the house to get them signed in front of a notary. It was a bitter pill and not something I wanted to dwell on but as I drove over to the shopping center I asked for some kind of sign this was all going to work out for the good.

My brother Tom, who is visiting, went along with me to shop in one of the stores while I got my signatures notarized. I parked the car and pointed out the area where the notary was so he could find me if he finished early. I grabbed the papers and headed over to the notary I had been using for most of the years I’d lived in Westchester.

As I got to the corner of the entrance way I was surprised to see the notary’s office was gone, replaced with a law office.  I stood there for a moment thinking about how another business had probably fallen to the economy. Before I left I decided to walk down the open air corridor, looking to see if they may have moved. Sure enough, the next door down had a notary sign in the front window.  I opened the door and walked in.

“Did you move offices?” I asked the woman sitting behind the desk.

“No, she shut her business down with the economy. I’ve always had a notary license so I just decided to put up a sign.” I could see that it wasn’t the same older lady that had always been there but I thought maybe it was the same company.

“Well, hey, you might as well pick up a few extra bucks any way you can with the way business is today,” I said.

She laughed. ” That’s for sure. What can I help you with today?”

I handed her the two signature pages for the document and explained what they were for. She told me it would be twenty dollars for the notary services and she only took cash or check.  I said I always paid the other notary in cash so it was no problem for me.  We sat down to begin the process. The first thing she asked me for was my drivers license.

“Oh, we have the same name,” she exclaimed!

“You mean Rogers?” I asked, not knowing if she meant first or last name.

“Yeah, Rogers, that’s my last name or actually my husband’s, but mine now. What a coincidence!”

“It’s actually not a coincidence but a synchronicity,” I replied. “I wrote an entire book about it.”

She looked up from the papers. “Really, what’s the name of it?”

“The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation,” I replied. The whole story is driven by me following the synchronicities occuring in my life.”

“What is the name of it again?” She asked, as she reached for a paper and pen to write it down.

“The Key of Life,” I began to repeat the name for her but realized I had copies in my car. “I’ve got a copy in the car I’ll give you. It will blow you away when you see how synchronicity works. In fact I’m sure there is more to this connection already. What is your first name?” I asked, already knowing what the answer would be.

“Suzann,” she replied.

I laughed immediately. “Of course it is. That was my wife’s name… my ex-wife now, but my wife during this story was named Susan.”

“She probably didn’t spell it like mine. It’s S U Z A N N,” she said, spelling out her name.

“It doesn’t matter about the spelling,” I replied “What matters is the synchronicity that Suzann Rogers is here handling my notorizing for a document that I’m not real happy about having to sign. I was just asking for a sign that this was all going down the right path and everything happening is meant to be and I get Suzann Rogers here to verify my signature. You’ve made me feel a lot better about losing over half my money!

We both laughed as I finished signing the two pages and putting my thumb prints into her notary book. “I’ll be right back,” I said as she finished up stamping the documents. “I’ve got to get you a copy of my book.”

I opened the door and ran through the parking lot. On the way across to the car I heard my brother Tom call out to me.

“I’ll be done in a minute, just have to grab something,” I yelled back, continuing to sprint over to the car. I had a book in my hand a few seconds later and returned to the notary office.

Suzann was happy to have a copy of the story in her hands and I was beaming that a major marker in my life had made yet another dramatic entrance right on cue. Yes, it was tough to think about the money from all those years of hard work just disappearing with the stroke of a pen but I knew for sure that this was certainly not the end of the story.  What ever tale I’ve woven as my life has much more to come and what I needed to take away from this was the confidence to continue living in the moment and keeping a good record of the events unfolding around me.

Today more than ever we all need to stay present in the moment. There is no amount of worrying that will change the events to come. All you can do is respond in the moment so continue to search for the truth in your own lives, recognize the signs around you and have a deep understanding that this is a story you’ve written, you’re in the starring role and the script is imbedded in you. Recognize the markers on the stage and feel great when they light up around you no matter what the situation is because you are exactly where you’re suppose to be. The best is yet to come!

About Randy Rogers

Hypnotherapist and author of "The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation" President of Telefilm, Inc.
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3 Responses to Synchronicity

  1. Randy J Cole says:

    Synchronicity is an amazing thing! I saw a bit of it today myself.

  2. windybee says:

    Great post, Randy. Synchronicity and pattern recognition occurs on many different levels every day and this is a fascinating example.

  3. brandi helligso says:

    I have my own “markers” and I happened to read your post on one of those days that they were really standing out. As a matter of fact your post was delivered to my inbox and when I read it – it was message 4 of 44. Considering the numbers 44 and 444 are signifigant markers for me, I just smiled and knew I was exactly where I was meant to be 🙂

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