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Hypnotherapist and author of "The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation" President of Telefilm, Inc.


My favorite part of living each day is hitting the marks I’ve placed through out the story of my life.  Synchronicity drove me to write my book The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation and it continues to present itself front and center with dynamic … Continue reading

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Windy’s Blog

I’m sharing a link to a blog written by my writer/producer friend Windy Buhler. She has lots of interesting posts here dealing with the arts, photography, people and places. This month she decided to blog about the Key of Life.

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Spirit Orbs

Having been a photographer for 48 years, I’ve experienced all kinds of flaws, defects and other apparitions on my negatives and now digital images.  Most have been identified or at the least, understood to be some kind of image pollution … Continue reading

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September Calendar

With September just a few days away I wanted to remind everyone that this first month of Fall is going to be a busy one.  For all my Las Vegas friends, I’m starting off with a TIMELINE forward viewing workshop … Continue reading

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The Karma of Change

Picking up my paper from the driveway this morning I looked at it and thought “If the LA Times gets any thinner I’m going to have to wait a few days just to have enough to line the bottom of a bird-cage.  Why … Continue reading

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The Latest in News

Hi everyone, Just a week ending wrap up of news and happenings.  I just got off the phone with Lucy Postolov.  As many of you know, Lucy is the acupuncturist who enabled me to take the incredible journey documented in my … Continue reading

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My First Blog Posting Hello everyone and welcome to the new website.  Finally knuckled down this weekend and put all the content into my new website that Michele designed.  It’s much easier to do now thanks to WordPress so I’ll … Continue reading

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