My favorite part of living each day is hitting the marks I’ve placed through out the story of my life.  Synchronicity drove me to write my book The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation and it continues to present itself front and center with dynamic fashion at every twist and turn in the continuing story. Yesterday morning was another prime example that I have to relay for everyone in the hope it may help you understand the concept that there is nothing bad happening in your life, just the lessons you’re challenging yourself with.

Oct. 2, 2012 started out like every other morning, get up, shave, shower, have breakfast with Kyle, make his lunch and then drive him to school.  After that it’s up to my office to work on several writing projects in relative peace and quite while our dog Sydney sleeps on the couch behind me. My routine, however, was interrupted mid morning by an e-mail from an attorney in Oregon with news of a final settlement that had been pending for an investment deal gone bad.

As part of my pension plan and Kyle’s savings account for college, I had invested some of the money in various real estate loans through an Oregon company. The collapse of the housing market saw all but two of those investments dissappear.  Today’s email locked in a settlement of fifty cents on the dollar for savings I had spent a lifetime working hard to nestle away. It was something I expected to grow and use in the not to distant future, not dissappear into thin air!

But this was it, take it or take even less with the market continuing to teeter on the edge of collapse. I quickly printed the signature pages and headed out of the house to get them signed in front of a notary. It was a bitter pill and not something I wanted to dwell on but as I drove over to the shopping center I asked for some kind of sign this was all going to work out for the good.

My brother Tom, who is visiting, went along with me to shop in one of the stores while I got my signatures notarized. I parked the car and pointed out the area where the notary was so he could find me if he finished early. I grabbed the papers and headed over to the notary I had been using for most of the years I’d lived in Westchester.

As I got to the corner of the entrance way I was surprised to see the notary’s office was gone, replaced with a law office.  I stood there for a moment thinking about how another business had probably fallen to the economy. Before I left I decided to walk down the open air corridor, looking to see if they may have moved. Sure enough, the next door down had a notary sign in the front window.  I opened the door and walked in.

“Did you move offices?” I asked the woman sitting behind the desk.

“No, she shut her business down with the economy. I’ve always had a notary license so I just decided to put up a sign.” I could see that it wasn’t the same older lady that had always been there but I thought maybe it was the same company.

“Well, hey, you might as well pick up a few extra bucks any way you can with the way business is today,” I said.

She laughed. ” That’s for sure. What can I help you with today?”

I handed her the two signature pages for the document and explained what they were for. She told me it would be twenty dollars for the notary services and she only took cash or check.  I said I always paid the other notary in cash so it was no problem for me.  We sat down to begin the process. The first thing she asked me for was my drivers license.

“Oh, we have the same name,” she exclaimed!

“You mean Rogers?” I asked, not knowing if she meant first or last name.

“Yeah, Rogers, that’s my last name or actually my husband’s, but mine now. What a coincidence!”

“It’s actually not a coincidence but a synchronicity,” I replied. “I wrote an entire book about it.”

She looked up from the papers. “Really, what’s the name of it?”

“The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation,” I replied. The whole story is driven by me following the synchronicities occuring in my life.”

“What is the name of it again?” She asked, as she reached for a paper and pen to write it down.

“The Key of Life,” I began to repeat the name for her but realized I had copies in my car. “I’ve got a copy in the car I’ll give you. It will blow you away when you see how synchronicity works. In fact I’m sure there is more to this connection already. What is your first name?” I asked, already knowing what the answer would be.

“Suzann,” she replied.

I laughed immediately. “Of course it is. That was my wife’s name… my ex-wife now, but my wife during this story was named Susan.”

“She probably didn’t spell it like mine. It’s S U Z A N N,” she said, spelling out her name.

“It doesn’t matter about the spelling,” I replied “What matters is the synchronicity that Suzann Rogers is here handling my notorizing for a document that I’m not real happy about having to sign. I was just asking for a sign that this was all going down the right path and everything happening is meant to be and I get Suzann Rogers here to verify my signature. You’ve made me feel a lot better about losing over half my money!

We both laughed as I finished signing the two pages and putting my thumb prints into her notary book. “I’ll be right back,” I said as she finished up stamping the documents. “I’ve got to get you a copy of my book.”

I opened the door and ran through the parking lot. On the way across to the car I heard my brother Tom call out to me.

“I’ll be done in a minute, just have to grab something,” I yelled back, continuing to sprint over to the car. I had a book in my hand a few seconds later and returned to the notary office.

Suzann was happy to have a copy of the story in her hands and I was beaming that a major marker in my life had made yet another dramatic entrance right on cue. Yes, it was tough to think about the money from all those years of hard work just disappearing with the stroke of a pen but I knew for sure that this was certainly not the end of the story.  What ever tale I’ve woven as my life has much more to come and what I needed to take away from this was the confidence to continue living in the moment and keeping a good record of the events unfolding around me.

Today more than ever we all need to stay present in the moment. There is no amount of worrying that will change the events to come. All you can do is respond in the moment so continue to search for the truth in your own lives, recognize the signs around you and have a deep understanding that this is a story you’ve written, you’re in the starring role and the script is imbedded in you. Recognize the markers on the stage and feel great when they light up around you no matter what the situation is because you are exactly where you’re suppose to be. The best is yet to come!

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Windy’s Blog

I’m sharing a link to a blog written by my writer/producer friend Windy Buhler. She has lots of interesting posts here dealing with the arts, photography, people and places. This month she decided to blog about the Key of Life.

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Spirit Orbs

Having been a photographer for 48 years, I’ve experienced all kinds of flaws, defects and other apparitions on my negatives and now digital images.  Most have been identified or at the least, understood to be some kind of image pollution ranging from light leaks, lens flares, dust, fog or other type of atmospheric condition.  Since the advent of digital imaging however, there is a new phenomenon called “orbs” that are appearing in increasing numbers on many photographer’s images today.  I’ve always been quick to point out to those who asked that it’s probably one of the artifacts I mentioned above.  This always leads to a spirited debate about whether these orbs were indeed proof of spirits or not.  It was a subject that I thought non-photographers really knew nothing about so my explanation to them was always the same.

“You see there is an effect  in photography called the circle of confusion. It has to do with depth of field and where an object is in relation to where the lens is focused.” At this point I usually see a big circle of confusion on the person’s face as I continue trying to explain this property of physics.

“Sometimes when an object is extremely close to the lens and especially when that object is illuminated by the flash, it can appear as a blurred circle in your image.”

“But there was nothing close to my lens,” they reply. “And it wasn’t raining or dust flying about.”

“It could have been an insect or something else moving in front of the camera,” I would quickly respond, leading our discussion into a spirited debate that always ended in a standoff over what exactly the picture had captured.

The scenario I just described will now change forever with the story I’m about to tell you today.  As with all things in my life, it begins with the synchronicity of a connection to my book The Key of Life.

On May 18, 2012 I received a request on LinkedIn from a person by the name of David Banagis.  I didn’t recognize the name but saw he was friends with another friend of mine on the East Coast named Charlie Rasak so I clicked accept on the link. Within a few hours I received an e-mail from David reminding me that he had contacted me two years earlier after reading my book which Charlie had recommend to him.  David had recently lost his wife Beverly and was searching for answers to synchronicities he believed were directly connected to Beverly reaching out to him from beyond. When David called me early in the  summer of 2010 I was in Pennsylvania taking care of my mother. She had recently had a heart attack and in the process of trying to recover discovered cancer was also at work on her body. We moved mom into hospice in August and she passed over on September 17th.  I had told David I would have to call him when I returned to California but with all the things occupying my life at the time, my promise to return his call was forgotten by the time I got back home. Now here he was trying to reconnect with me to discuss The Key of Life and share his stories as well.

Everything along the timeline happens when it’s supposed to and this story is a prime example of that in several ways. At 9:33 a.m. on Saturday May 19th I finally made good on my promise and called David Banagis.  He was excited to hear from me and after our initial pleasantries, began relating the synchronicities he had been experiencing in his own life.

David’s wife Beverly had passed away on May 21st. 2008.  The two of them had been like “twin flames” he said and her leaving him was almost more than he could handle. Five days after she passed David was sitting with a group of relatives and friends in the backyard when a wild rabbit hopped up into the center of their circle.

“The rabbit remained with us for around 20 minutes,” David said, “while we sat there talking about Beverly. Nothing seemed to frighten it at all.”

David’s daughter immediately brought up the notion that it was a sign from her mom. “Her nickname in high school was Bunny,” she said. “I remember seeing it in her yearbook.”

After discussing the rabbit it turned out that many of Beverly’s relatives and friends had either received or would soon receive, up close and personal visits from “bunnies” over the next few days.

“Beverly always said she would find a way to get a message to me,” David said. “And I knew this was her way of reaching out to let me know she was around me.”

What happened next was an even more direct connection for David.  David’s granddaughter was sure she could sense Beverly’s presence near them in the house so one day she took her camera out and decided to try to coax her grandmother into making her presence known through a photograph. “Nanna if you’re here I’m going to take some pictures. Please let me see you,” she pleaded. She then shot an image of her grandparents bedroom.

“In that photo,” David said. “An orb of light can be seen floating just above the pillows where Beverly use to rest her head.  And there’s more,” he continued.  “A few weeks later she took another photograph in our living room and hovering directly over the urn containing my wife’s ashes is another orb.”

“I’d love to see these photographs,” I replied. To my surprise he immediately agreed to send them over to me.  I decided to keep any comments about orbs and circles of confusion to myself until I could see these images.  I could, however, begin to hear my own mother’s thoughts coming into my head as David continued talking about the orbs.

“Didn’t you see the pictures you took of me and Dad?” she said.

“What pictures of you and Dad?” I replied.

“The pictures of us in the forest,” she answered.

I finally realized she was talking about the day my brothers and I took our parents ashes into the Pennsylvania woods to scatter them in the mountains they used to hike. I had my camera with me to take pictures to send to our sisters who couldn’t be there. Both I and my brother Tom had taken quite a few shots of the area that day.  I made a mental note to take a new look at the images when I got back to my computer.

It wasn’t but a few hours later that I received an e-mail from David Banagis with the two orb photographs attached.  I took a quick look at them on my cell phone but decided to look at them more closely on the computer later.  On Tuesday May 22nd. I finally had a chance to examine the images in detail.

The first photo clearly depicted an orb hovering over the blue pillow on the right side of the bed. Exactly where David said his wife use to sleep. If you look very closely you can also see two smaller orbs in the window shade just below the valance.

The second photograph revealed an orb floating directly above the urn containing Beverly Banagis ashes.  Upon closer examination I could also see the smaller orbs again. One immediately to the left just before the curtain and to the right in the photograph just above and to the right of the vase.

As I examined the two photographs, I could again hear my mother’s thoughts wafting through my head, begging me to look for the images from Pennsylvania.  I directed the cursor over to the My Documents folder and opened up My Pictures folder to begin searching for the file I had placed them in.  It wasn’t long before I located the folder titled Mom and Dad funeral.  I laughed at what I had titled the file back then. Thinking about it now I realized it really wasn’t so much of a funeral as a stroll in the woods. At the time, however, I thought it would be the easiest way to find it again.

I quickly opened the images into a filmstrip view and began scrolling through the photographs.  When I got to image number 8974 I stopped.  This was one in a series of individual vertical format frames my brother Tom had grabbed wanting to create a panoramic shot of the area where we had scatter our parents’ ashes.  It was important because this frame was centered exactly on the spot where we had placed our parents remains.  As I clicked on the image to bring it to full view my jaw dropped. There in the center of the photograph, right above the area where our parents lay were two beautiful spheres of light.  They were floating in this peacefully tranquil setting about five or six feet apart and eight to ten feet above the forest floor.

This is the original full frame image of the two orbs floating over the spot where we scattered our parents ashes.

As I zoomed into the photograph, the majesty of that moment in time engulfed me. Here were two souls, drifting through the forest, revealing themselves to the camera in their truest form. Two balls of light!  How could I have missed this before? It was more than apparent now.  I quickly looked at frame 8973 taken immediately before and framed to the left of this one.  Captured in that frame is the orb from the left side of the center photograph.  Exactly where it should be as it was entering the area.

Here is the orb that appears on the left in the original photo. It’s captured in the previous frame as it entered the area.

A quick look at the third frame 8975 also revealed the orb that had been seen on the right side in the main shot.

Here is frame 8975 capturing the orb that appeared on the right in the main image.

Outstanding! Having more than one image taken in this way was very important for several reasons. By capturing the objects in multiple photographs it gives credence to the fact that these balls of light are real objects moving and occupying a specific point in space directly in front of the camera.  They could not be lens flares because it was an overcast day and there was no hard points of light to flare off the lens.  The orbs were also not a problem created by depth of field and focus. The photos were taken with an 18mm lens and everything is in sharp focus. It also wasn’t something on the lens either as the two orbs don’t appear together in any other photos and the single orbs are in different positions in the previous and post images as well. Also none of the other photographs taken that day shows any sign of abnormalities where the orbs appeared in those three frames.

The orbs seem to have a clearly defined three dimensional quality too them.  As you blow up the images you can see that the light seems to be radiating and swirling much like the sun or some other kind of fluid energy.  The data on the camera shows that the ISO speed rating was 400, the shutter was 1/250 and the aperture at f5.  The flash did fire on the camera in all three photographs. These orbs are not birds or insects or any type of solid creature with a body.  You can actually see through them somewhat.  If they were any type of bug or flying animal the camera’s shutter speed would have captured the solid definition of a body.

Here is an enlargement of frame 8974 with the two spirits floating in the forest.

This is an extreme enlargement of the spirit orb seen on the left in the original photograph. Notice how the light or energy seems to be circling around the sphere.

I had mentioned earlier that everything happens on this timeline when it’s supposed to happen.  If I’d have called David two years ago to talk with him his stories and photos would have carried no weight for me.  My mom was yet to pass on and the day spent in the forest was yet to come.  The best story I can tell you though is how we came to scatter their ashes on the day that we did.

My mom passed on Friday, September 17, 2010.  We had a memorial luncheon for her friends and family the following Monday September 20th.  We were assured by the mortuary that her remains would be ready for pickup on Tuesday morning September 21st. but when I called the next day to check on a time for pickup they informed me that there had been a holdup with the paperwork from the coroner so they hadn’t cremated her yet.  We couldn’t get the ashes until the following day, Wednesday Sept. 22nd.  I was upset at first because the weather was sunny and beautiful both Monday and Tuesday but rain was forecast for the 22nd.  Also my brother Jeff was trying to get out of town as soon as he possible and this would delay him another day.  I sat in my car wondering why this delay was being pressed upon us when I heard my mother’s voice come floating into my thoughts.

“Why do you think we want to have you scatter us on Wednesday?” Her thoughts were asking me to look for an answer I already had.  Wednesday was Sept. 22nd.  My mom and dad’s anniversary.  Of course why else would they want it delayed until that day. Everything happens when it’s supposed to and the universe will conspire to make sure it does.

There is no more beautiful tale than that of two souls, reunited again and making their appearance known to the other souls that have shared their life story.  These photos and the story that goes with it will remain in my heart forever.  I want to thank David Banagis for feeling the spirit move him to reach out and contact me again.  I’m sure there are many more stories to come as we make our way along this timeline.

For further information on Orbs. Miceal Ledwith, Ph.D. & Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D.  are two scientists who wrote a book called The Orb Project. It takes an in depth look at the phenomenon and reveals quite a bit. If you’re seriously interested in the subject and would like to learn more, I would suggest reading their research.

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September Calendar

With September just a few days away I wanted to remind everyone that this first month of Fall is going to be a busy one.  For all my Las Vegas friends, I’m starting off with a TIMELINE forward viewing workshop at the Ganesha Center on Thursday Sept. 1st.  It begins at 6 p.m. and is 4 hours long.  The price is $25/person and you’ll need to make a reservation as seating is limited.  I’ll also be conducting 2 hour private regression sessions at Ganesha from Aug. 31st through Sept. 4th.  The cost is $150 for a two hour session.  Please contact Ganesha Center for all reservations.

Next I’ll be back in my old stomping grounds of Arizona for 4 days hosted by the Shrine of Holy Wisdom in Tempe.  Starting at 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 9th with a free talk and book signing then followed on Saturday, Sept. 10th at 6 p.m. with a TIMELINE past life regression workshop.  Cost for the 4 hour workshop is $35/person.   I’ll also be holding two hour private past life regression sessions on Sept. 11th & 12th.  Cost is $150/session. Please contact the Shrine of Holy Wisdom at 480.219.9633 for all reservations.

The next stop in Sept. will be my hometown of Johnstown, PA.  I’ll be conducting two past life regression workshops hosted by VOMA.  The first is Saturday, Sept. 24th. 2-6 p.m. and then again on Sunday Sept. 25th. 5-9 p.m.  Workshop cost is $35/person. Please contact VOMA for reservations.

October 9th you’ll find me up in Portland, OR for a TIMELINE regression workshop at the New Renaissance Bookshop. The workshop is four hours and begins at 1 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 9th.  Cost is $40/person.  Contact New Renaissance Bookshop for reservations.  I’ll also be conducting private regression sessions.  Contact me at 310.390.9333 to set up an appointment between Oct.  8th and 11th in the Portland area.

That’s the calendar update for now.  Glad to be back out on the road again and hope to see all of you soon.

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The Karma of Change

Picking up my paper from the driveway this morning I looked at it and thought “If the LA Times gets any thinner I’m going to have to wait a few days just to have enough to line the bottom of a bird-cage.  Why am I still paying for this ghost of a rag?  Looking down the street I can see I’m clearly in the minority of Los Angelenos; those who still have the newspaper delivered to their home every morning.  It’s been a tradition that runs back to my earliest roots. My parents had one delivered every day, my brother Jeff delivered them, with me helping him occasionally when he needed it.  The newspaper was the only way to start off your day by reading what had happened in the world the day before.  I didn’t know it in my youth but there was an even bigger connection to the paper waiting for me, my first real job as a photographer was going to be at a newspaper.

I have my mother to thank for starting me down the path I was destined to take.  I don’t know if I ever really did tell her how much I appreciated it but I can at least tell you the story.  It all began with her suggestion one day that I stop into our local newspaper and fill out a job application.  I immediately balked at the idea. “They only hire college kids as summer interns.” I said.  “Well it won’t hurt to apply.” She replied.  “You never know maybe they’re looking for someone just like you.”  How can you argue with logic like that so she drove me downtown to the newspaper office and I filled out an employment application.

A few months later I was pulled out of my high school English class and told to report to the principal’s office.  No reason given and no idea what was in store for me, just report to the principal’s office immediately.  It was the longest walk of my life.  Everything was flashing before me.  Was it a classroom prank I had pulled on one of the teachers or maybe some other trouble that was always brewing with my friends?  Maybe it was a joke on me.  That’s impossible the principle’s office doesn’t do that sort of thing.  My mind was racing but I could not come up with something deserving a trip to see the principal.

You can’t imagine the shock I had when I entered the principal’s office to find my mother waiting there for me.  “You got a call today from the newspaper.  They want you to come down for an interview this afternoon.”  My mother was beaming a huge smile.  “They want me?” I quizzed to make sure this wasn’t some kind of joke. “Yes they’re looking for someone to work in their photo department for the summer and they liked what you put down on the application.”  I was speechless.  How could this actually be happening to me.  The principal offered up a few words of encouragement and then my mom and I were out the door.

The interview with the personnel manager went great, he told me that they normally only hired college students for the summer intern program but they really liked what I had written about my abilities in the darkroom so they decided to go in another direction this year for the photo department.  A few days later I received a call confirming I was in at the Johnstown Tribune Democrat. The door of destiny had flung wide open for me and I quickly stepped into a world of seemingly endless possibilities, the newspaper business.

To say it was the best summer of my life would be an understatement.  I shot, developed and printed countless numbers of photos. Learning all the time from the best newspaper men in the business. Jack Rue was the chief, Merle Agnello was the senior photographer and Chuck Mamula and Randy Leidy rounded out the rest of the staff.  It wasn’t a huge operation but big enough for me.  I wore a coat and tie to work everyday, you wouldn’t think of showing up in less than that.  When you represented the Johnstown Tribune Democrat it meant something back then.  The community respected you and you had a respect for the community.

A lot has changed in the 40 years since.  Everything today is wrapped around the tabloid nature of life in general and the newspaper and TV news business are two of the main avenues of distributing that information.  I wish it didn’t have to be this way.  I wish they could have stayed a head above the crowd but in the end all that mattered to the corporations that own them is the bottom line, more advertisers, and more readers or viewers.  After all who really cares what you’re selling as long as people are buying right?

The funny thing is though that people have stopped buying the newspapers and are watching way less television now that everything is available on their personal phones, computers and other devices.  The genie’s out of the bottle now and there is no putting him back.

This was all driven home again to me a couple of days ago when this article came crawling up my Facebook wall ‘L.A. Times’ Cuts Review Freelancers. It was about Susan Salter Reynolds a reviewer for the LA Times, whose reviews I happened to like and read weekly.  She had just written up a review last weekend for  The Snow Whale by John Minichillo a fellow author and friend of mine.  As you can read in the article Susan was terminated after 23 years with the paper.

For those who have read my book, The Key of Life, you know the synchronicity of that number in my life and of course it grabbed my attention first.  Why would someone be terminated after 23 years with a company?  Couldn’t they find a way to keep that tiny column she writes in the budget of this huge newspaper?  The simple answer of course is yes they could have but the reality is they didn’t.  This brought Susan to a major detour in her life, one she certainly wasn’t planning on but a new path none the less.  It’s a road with no clear view of what lies ahead.

Many of us are standing at that same unplanned crossroad right now asking ourselves, “Which way do I go from here?”  The first thing we need to do before we answer that question is understand why all these changes are taking place to begin with.  We want to lay the blame in countless different directions, from the economy to rotten luck and everything in between, lashing out at everyone from presidents and politicians to illegal immigrants and terrorists saying “If it wasn’t for this or that, things would be better!”

I’d like to present a different way to approach all this change in our lives, how to understand it and in the process begin to move ourselves onto that higher plane of consciousness or vibration everyone is always talking about.

The Keys of Karma

Lose the blame and embrace the change.

The number one rule of karma; There is no blame.  After all, you’ve created the play you’re in.  All the people, events, and drama  surrounding you right now are karmic lessons you brought into your life to see how you would respond to them.  You are not going to pass the test by blaming everything and everyone around you.   Remember every one and everything around you was created by you.  Pointing a finger at anyone is the same as pointing it in a mirror. Before you blame anyone the first question you should ask yourself is this.  What part of me is in this character?  The answer may surprise you. Understand that the change in your life was placed there by you to move you onto a higher path.  Don’t fight it, you’re fighting yourself.  Start looking for where that path is taking you, let go of everything in your past and begin this new ascent. The best place to search for all those answers you’re looking for is my next Key of Karma.

Search within and let the synchronicities begin.

I’ve written an entire book on this subject so I could go on for days about the importance of this.  Listen to your inner conscious, it’s screaming out to you right now and more than likely you have it tuned out.  Shut off your conscious mind for at least a few minutes each day through meditation or yoga.  If you can’t find the time for that at least spend a few minutes alone, away from the phone, computer, television and other electronic leashes that are holding your sub-conscious mind hostage.  Once everything is shut off, the magic begins.  You will hear the truth and the truth is within you.  This requires an incredibly bold move on your part; Trust your instincts. You know those gut feelings that come out of nowhere and vanish just as quickly once your conscious mind creeps in.  Don’t let this happen, hold on to that impulse especially when it’s asking so little of you like stopping by a friend’s house or investigating something new. These are your guides speaking to you and when you let go and explore, the synchronicities will explode in front of you.
Synchronicities are the little signs we’ve placed here in our play so we know we’re hitting our marks.  In reality they are the marks.  Once you recognize them for what they are they’ll bring great comfort to you as they light up the new path you’re on.  One more little word of advice, we tend to call them coincidences, so every time you’re ready to use that word think again.  These are the road signs of your life and our ancestors use to read them like a book.  They knew the meaning of every motion in nature but as time passed and we became civilized, we lost all connection to the signs.  They’re still there, they’ve always been there and now they’re coming at us on billboards, buses, newspapers and television. Somehow they’re slipping by most people completely unnoticed.  Once you’ve taken the blinders off, there’s no putting them back on.  For the best road map to recognizing the synchronicities in your life check out The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation.

Free your mind and the rest will follow.
En Vogue


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The Latest in News

Hi everyone,
Just a week ending wrap up of news and happenings.  I just got off the phone with Lucy Postolov.  As many of you know, Lucy is the acupuncturist who enabled me to take the incredible journey documented in my book The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation.
Lucy wants me to come in and start a new series of acupuncture induced explorations with her so I set up an appointment for this Monday morning.  We’ll see where this next round takes me as the story continues.

Also on Monday I’m scheduled on the Lisa J. Now Show starting at 3 p.m. Eastern/Noon Pacific. Lisa J’s enthusiasm and drive are contagious.  I’ve been privileged to be a guest on her show several times now and each one of our talks have taken our friendship to a new level.  I’m happy to count her among my closest friends and hope all of you will find the time to listen in on her show.  Her broadcasts are live Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 3-6 p.m. ET Wednesday 4-6 p.m. ET over the Internet at CBS Sky Radio as well as in these radio markets:
WOMC HD3 104.3 Detroit
WBMX HD3 104.1 Boston
KJAQ HD3 96.5 Seattle
WZPT HD3 100.7 Pittsburgh
WDSY HD3 107.9 Pittsburgh
To listen to past broadcasts please check out her podcast.

I’ve got a relatively quiet week ahead for the last week of July so some friends and I have decided to ratchet up the workshops a notch and attempt a new level of altered state exploration.  Drum roll please…… We’re going to assemble a psychomanteum on the soundstage at Telefilm and then conduct a special workshop combining the psychomanteum effect with hypnosis to see what kind of levels we can reach into self-awareness.
I built a psychomanteum on the stage several years ago and had great personal results using it so I’m really excited about combining my hypnosis workshop into the atmosphere of the psychomanteum.  I know it will produce some startling results and take everyone into a deeper hypnotic state.

Psychomanteum History

Here’s a great link to explore the background on the psychomanteum so I won’t have to go into great detail here.  At its earliest known references, it was used by the ancient Greek Oracles to gaze into the future as well as the past. Also known as scrying, it’s another method of removing your conscious thoughts and focusing your attention into a medium which will then reflect back images from your sub-conscious or higher self. Dr. Raymond Moody used one extensively during his investigation into the after life.  It’s a simple technique that holds great power in helping you self-release from the conscious mind.  Explore the links and let me know your thoughts on the subject.
Anyone interested in joining the workshop contact me, Randy Rogers, for more details.  Right now we’re looking at trying it out on Saturday July 30th.
That’s it for now but stay tuned…  the weekend is upon us again and more is sure to follow.
Have a great one everyone!

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My First Blog Posting

Hello everyone and welcome to the new website.  Finally knuckled down this weekend and put all the content into my new website that Michele designed.  It’s much easier to do now thanks to WordPress so I’ll be able to keep you up to date with all my latest endeavors.

First up, it’s been a busy week working out the details for some new workshops in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Oregon with others soon to follow. I’ll be posting the details shortly but for now I’m going to be in Tempe, AZ on Friday Sept. 9th for a talk and book signing followed by a 4 hour past life regression workshop at 6 p.m. Saturday  Sept. 10th at the Shrine of Holy Wisdom.  Contact Reverend Dr. Jorge Rodriquez Eagar, spiritual director of the shrine, for more details and to reserve a spot today.  I’ll also be available for private regression sessions by appointment only during the day on Saturday Sept. 10th as well as on Sunday, Sept. 11th and Monday, Sept. 12th. Contact me to schedule a private session.

Next up I’ll be at VOMA in Johnstown, PA for a series of two workshops on Saturday Sept. 24th 2-6 p.m. and Sunday Sept. 25th 5-9 p.m.  I’ll also be booking some private regression sessions so contact me to schedule an appointment in the area for Sept. 26th – 30th.

I’ll be at  the New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland, Oregon for a past life workshop on October 9th 1-5 p.m. I’m sure I’ll be doing some private sessions there as well so you can contact me to schedule an appointment in the area for Oct. 8th-11th dates.

I’ve got to get back to finishing the new site but more to come soon.

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