The Key of Life

The Key of Life is my non-fiction story of a metaphysical investigation which began back in 1995 as I searched for Kathy Lynch, a friend of mine from grade school.  The journey that resulted took me along a path blazed by the synchronicities in my life.  What resulted is this incredible, true story about who we are, why we are here and how we are all connected.

Take your own inner voyage of discovery and explore
The Key of Life.

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3 Responses to The Key of Life

  1. Marie Quick Henry says:

    HI, Randy-
    You don’t know me but I know of you via my friendship with Jamie Tullo Malvin. In fact, she gave me your book which I read and found to be completely fascinating. Thank you for sharing your insights with the rest of us.
    I worked for NBC News in Intake for almost 20 years before being “down sized”. I can’t say that I miss the Peacock but I do miss production and being part of a team. I just read your blog about “The Karma of Change” and found it to be quite helpful…. especially the part about the “Keys of Karma”. I appreciate your reflections about life and making sense of the happenings and “coincidences” that come our way. (In fact, I liked it so much that I just forwarded it to my twin sister who is being challenged in many ways right now.)
    Wishing you the best.

    • Randy Rogers says:

      Marie, Thanks for the great comments about my book and the blog. There is so much to say on this subject of change. It has always been a constant in our lives but the shift from one event to another was usually much smaller than the drastic upheavals occurring today. The best advice I can offer is to embrace the change completely while letting go quickly of whatever is being pried from your hands. Hanging onto it only causes a lingering, limbo effect where you can not move forward even the slightest amount. Stay in touch.

  2. Robin Strachan says:

    Randy, Hi. You don’t know me, but I am also from Johnstown, Pennsylvania (now living in Chicago, IL as of March 1st). We know some of the same people — even two that are mentioned in your book. I’m wondering if you also know Terry Havener because I think it was you he was trying to tell me about a year ago after I finished my first novel MANIFESTING DREAMS. Terry said that you and I should communicate, and I knew that, at some point, that would happen.

    I forgot about that until a few weeks ago, when my mother told me about your book and said, “You always talk about these same things, and I thought you’d enjoy reading his book.” I am nearly finished with THE KEY OF LIFE, and yes, I’d venture to say we’d have much to talk about.

    I will be visiting Johnstown later this month to check on my house there, and I may have to call Chuck Mamula and Charlie Hagins to say hello.

    Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the book, and that I wish you all the best.


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